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Waterproof LED Lamps - Design Elements
Shat-R-Shield’s IP68 Waterproof, Safety-Coated LED lamps have a thin layer of silicone coating that completely seals the lamp to protect fragile electronic components against moisture, corrosion and premature failure. These lamps are ideal for any application exposed to harsh environments.
These LED safety-coated lamps are waterproof, and have an IP68 rating.
These lamps are 75% more efficient than incandescent lamps.
Our shatter-resistant, safety-coated lamps will contain all particles if the lamp is accidentally broken. The coating does not affect light output. <1% lumen loss.
Our waterproof LED lamps are very cost effective. These lamps use 75% less energy which will save you over $55 in energy costs over the life of the lamp. Cha-Ching!
3 Year Limited Warranty on our waterproof lamps.
25,000+ hours rated lifetime
Sold only as an accessory to Shat-R-Shield Waterproof LED lamps, each socket comes with silicone sleeves that fit over the neck of the lamp and base of the socket to ensure a watertight seal in IP66 conditions. Sold packed by 10 and available in pendant, small base and large base. All sockets can be made IP68 capable by applying silicone caulk to the base of the socket and wires.
Applications Include
Landscape Lighting Security Lighting Walk-in Coolers Restaurants Dock Lighting Parks & Recreation Industrial Food Processing Wash-down Areas
Ordering Information - Waterproof LEDs
Watts Catalog # Description Kelvin Lumens Beam Angle Incan Watt Eqv.
12W 06215K 12W/A19/LED/DIM/3000K (PK x 10) 3000K 1100 320° 75W
12W 06201K 12W/A19/LED/DIM/5000K (PK x 10) 5000K 1150 320° 75W
11W 06202K 11PAR30L/LED/NFL/3000K (PK x 12) 3000K 900 25° 75W
11W 06203K 11PAR30L/LED/NFL/5000K (PK x 12) 5000K 800 25° 75W
16W 06204K 16PAR38/DIM/LED/NFL/3000K (PK x 12) 3000K 1100 25° 90W
16W 06205K 16PAR38/DIM/LED/NFL/5000K (PK x 12) 5000K 1100 25° 90W
9W 06208K 9W/BR30/LED/3000K (PK x 12) 3000K 650 110° 65W
9W 06209K 9W/BR30/LED/5000K (PK x 12) 5000K 650 110° 65W
9W 06210K 9W/BR40/LED/3000K (PK x 12) 3000K 650 95° 65W
9W 06211K 9W/BR40/LED/5000K (PK x 12) 5000K 650 95° 65W