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Shatter-Resistant LED Tubes
Safety coated for protection. Energy efficient for savings.

Retrofit existing fluorescent lamps to LED without replacing the fixture. Easy to switch; easier to save once you do.
Infallible Protection
Shat-R-Shield’s LED tubes are safety coated to contain virtually all glass and lamp particles if accidentally broken. The skin-tight plastic coating is guaranteed not to yellow, crack or flake for the rated life of the lamp and reduces light output by less than 1%. Easily identified by our trademark orange bands, safety inspectors know these lamps are covered by the ultimate protection and are UL & NSF certified, USDA approved and meet FDA and OSHA standards. Ideal applications include food and beverage processing, industrial and commercial facilities, offices, hotels, schools, hospitals, retail, grocery stores and general illumination anywhere.
Your Preference of Power Source
Plug & Play

These lamps operate off the existing fluorescent ballast and do not require any mechanical or electrical changes to the fixture. Compatible with electronic instant start ballasts.

Ballast Bypass

These lamps use the existing lamp holders to connect to the fixture being retrofitted, but do not operate off the fluorescent ballast. Rewiring of the fixture to bypass the ballast and send line voltage directly to the lamp holders is required.

Dual Mode

These lamps have the ability to operate off the existing electronic instant start fluorescent ballast OR direct line voltage if the fixture is rewired to bypass the ballast. This versatility allows customers to utilize the lamp, even after the ballast is deemed inoperable.

LED Tube Wiring Instructions
Ordering Information
Part # Description Watts Lamp Type Kelvin Lumens CRI Dimmable Hours DLC MSRP
06618BSU LED/11.5W/1800LM/5000K (PK X 30) 11.5 Ballast Bypass 5000 K 1800 80 NO 55000 NO $20.60
06614BSU LED/12.5W/T8/1800LM/4000K(PK X 30) 12.5 Ballast Bypass 4000 K 1800 80 YES 55000 YES $20.60
06617SAT LED/25W/T5/5000K (PK X 25) 25.0 Plug and Play 5000 K 3200 82 NO 50000 NO $27.55
06616SAT LED/25W/T5/4000K (PK X 25) 25.0 Plug and Play 4000 K 3200 82 NO 50000 NO $27.55
06611BSU LED/18W/T8/2200LM (PK X 30) 18.0 Dual Mode 5000 K 2200 82 Yes 50000 YES $20.60
06610SAT LED/17W/T8/5000K/48 (PK X 6) 17.0 Plug and Play 5000 K 2200 82 No 50000 YES $23.35
06603F LED/18W/T8/3500K/48 (PK X 6) 18.0 Plug and Play 3500 K 1900 80 No 50000 NO $26.98
06601F LED/18W/T8/5000K/48 (PK X 6) 18.0 Plug and Play 5000 K 1900 80 No 50000 NO $26.98
06602F LED/18W/T8/4000K/48 (PK X 6) 18.0 Plug and Play 4000 K 1900 80 No 50000 NO $26.98