Conformal Coating Service

Shat-R-Shield’s Precision Conformal Coating Service, offers maximum protection for LED and printed circuit boards (PCB). Robotic dispensing equipment carefully applies a thin layer of non-yellowing, crystal clear silicone coating to protect fragile electronic components against moisture, dust, chemicals, salt spray, thermal shock, organic growth and corrosion. The computer controlled machinery allows for a selective coating process, meaning that material is applied only to specified areas, per customer specification, with both precision and repeatability.


The unique silicone formula contains a patented additive that guarantees that the coating will not yellow, crack or flake for the life of the product. This formulation used to coat LED’s and circuit boards forms a highly effective and beneficial protective shield and can be applied both around or over LEDs with negligible lumen loss.


•  Excellent moisture protection.

•  Protection from dust, temperature extremes, thermal shock, corrosive salt spray and other contaminants.

  Provides stress relief, insulation, and prevents damage to fragile LED’s and electronic components.

  Reduces risk of premature failure of electronic components.

•  One-part silicone base coating has proprietary non-yellowing properties. Maintains its optical clarity.

  Cross-link properties offer excellent adhesion to most circuit boards.

  One-part silicone elastomer guarantees consistent material formulation and application.


Shat-R-Shield’s conformal coating can be applied to many different types of printed circuit boards. The protective coating has been specially formulated to have optical clarity and non-yellowing properties, making it the only one-part coating that can be effectively applied over circuit boards and also over LED’s. Protect-R-Shield provides a complete seal and offers superior protection.

•  Commercial – Provides outstanding thermal insulation from -65° to 200°C, exhibits excellent adhesion properties, and will not yellow or degrade due to UV exposure.

  Architectural – Protects all types of architectural lighting from environmental contaminants. Excellent for wall washes, garage and parking lights, and all street light applications.

  Security – Seals all electrical components for outdoor lighting and surveillance equipment.

  Signage – Helps prevent premature failure and costly maintenance.

•  Refrigeration – Provides excellent thermal protection that will insulate electronic components.


General Microcircuits Inc. (GMI) reached out to Protect-R-Shield earlier this year to review their capabilities and processes. Our customer’s new product required conformal coating on both sides of a printed circuit board assembly. Essentially, GMI needed more capacity from an outside supplier whose core competency was based on best in class conformal coating, customer service, and quality.

Protect-R-Shield’s Sales and Technical resources rolled up their sleeves to provide well-founded solutions to reach the goals and requirements for the prototyping and production rollout phases. They worked as an extension of our team with excellent response time. For the PPAP (Production Part Approval Process), they welcomed our customer on site as well as our customer’s customer. Protect-R-Shield received very high marks and were very engaged in answering all questions in detail, explaining processes and requirements on their manufacturing floor and most of all… Satisfying our Customer!!!

A few key points that enable GMI to recommend Shat-R-Shield include:
• Commitment to their Quality System
• Excellent Customer Service
• Technical Expertise

I am looking for other programs within GMI to move to Protect-R-Shield as we realize the value they represent and sound business philosophy.

Alan Morris
Program Manager
General Microcircuits

Shat-R-Shield is proud to be recognized as an official Cree Solutions Provider for the conformal coating service, and in return, is glad to offer assistance to their customers in our area of expertise. Click here for more information on the Cree website.