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Ironclad™ LED Vapor Tight High Bay - Design Elements
The Ironclad™ LED Vapor Tight High Bay is an ideal retrofit for fluorescent fixtures commonly installed in applications exposed to moisture, dust and other harsh elements that require frequent wash-down. It has high lumen outputs ranging from 22,000 to 33,000, and energy efficient at the same time.
Rugged Non-Metallic Construction – Built with fiberglass reinforced polycarbonate material with seamless gasket seal and paired with stainless steel components for optimal chemical and impact resistance.
At 140 LPW (Lumens Per Watt) allows this fixture to claim a DLC certification.
Battery Backup – Provides lighting for 90 minutes.
Built for Performance – Rounded edges allow for easy water shed and durability against high-pressure hose down.
This fixture is customizable. It’s available in a variety of lumen outputs and voltage options with multiple mounting configurations.
Light Distribution – Tethered lens available in clear or frosted for uniform, glare-free illumination.
Product Specifications - LED Vapor Tight High Bay
Watts: 158 or 236
Lumen Output: 22,120 (158W) or 32,860 (236W)
CRI: 80
CCT: 4000K or 5000K
LPW: 140
Operating Temperature: -40°F to 122°F (-40°C to 50°C);
32°F to 95°F (0°C to 35°C) with Battery Backup
L70: >72,000
Power Factor: > 0.9
Universal Driver: 120V - 277V; 347V - 480V
Dimensions: 52"L x 14.5"W x 6"H
Dimming: 0V - 10V & Options for Battery Backup
5 Year Limited Warranty
Verify DLC certification per model number
1500 PSI Rating 5VA Flammability Rating
Applications Include
Food & Beverage Processing Industrial Facilities Tunnels Cold Storage Wastewater Treatment Plants Warehouses
Ordering Information - LED Vapor Tight High Bay
Use part number configurator to build your model.
Wattage Fixture CCT Lens Power Sensor Whip Mount Accessory Accessory Accessory Rev
180= 158W
270= 236W
VB= Vapor Tight
High Bay
40= 4000K
50= 5000K
CL= Clear
FR= Frosted
VL= 120-277V
VH= 347-480V
LB= 120-277V w/ Battery Backup
HB= 347-480V w/ Battery Backup
N= None
A= Area
00= No Whip
06= 6ft Whip
12= 12ft Whip
00= None
HG= V-Hanger
AC= Aircraft Cables
CM= Ceiling Mount
BR= Stainless Steel
Adjustable Bracket
00= No Plug
01= 5-20P
02= 5-15P
03= L6-20P
04= L6-15P
05= L8-20P
This model is DLC approved.
Stock Models
Data sheets and IES files are listed for stock models below. All other versions are built to order.

Part # Description Watts Lumens CCT Lens Volts
180VB40CLVLN060000000001 180W/VB/4000K/CL/WHIP 120-277V 180 22,120 4000K CLEAR 120-277V
180VB40FRVLN060000000001 180W/VB/4000K/FR/WHIP 120-277V 180 22,120 4000K FROSTED 120-277V
180VB50CLVLN060000000001 180W/VB/5000K/CL/WHIP 120-277V 180 22,120 5000K CLEAR 120-277V
180VB50FRVLN060000000001 180W/VB/5000K/FR/WHIP 120-277V 180 22,120 5000K FROSTED 120-277V
270VB40CLVLN060000000001 270W/VB/4000K/CL/WHIP 120-277V 270 32,860 4000K CLEAR 120-277V
270VB40FRVLN060000000001 270W/VB/4000K/FR/WHIP 120-277V 270 32,860 4000K FROSTED 120-277V
270VB50CLVLN060000000001 270W/VB/5000K/CL/WHIP 120-277V 270 32,860 5000K CLEAR 120-277V
270VB50FRVLN060000000001 270W/VB/5000K/FR/WHIP 120-277V 270 32,860 5000K FROSTED 120-277V
Manufactured in America with globally & domestically sourced components.