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Let’s rewind to 1970, when Shat-R-Shield introduced the world’s first shatter-resistant fluorescent lamp, pioneering the protective lighting industry. This revolutionary product spawned tremendous growth and established Shat-R-Shield as the brand name for safety-coated lighting across North America. Regulations set forth by OSHA and the FDA required industries, such as food processing, to protect themselves from glass contamination and nothing else on the market was comparable to a Shat-R-Shield product. That was 46 years ago. Nearly half a century has passed since the invention of shatter-resistant lamps and the company still thrives off its existence today.

What happens though, when a disruptive technology such as LEDs, enters and monopolizes the lighting industry as we once knew it? With the use of conventional light sources on the decline, Shat-R-Shield was forced to either adapt or die. How could a company who built an empire by putting plastic on light bulbs possibly survive in a world where glass lamps are becoming extinct? For Shat-R-Shield, failure was not an option. By targeting our strengths, acknowledging our weaknesses and channeling our innovative spirit, we have successfully identified our niche role as a lighting manufacturer and continue to drive progressively forward.

The evolution of lighting technology ignited a spark that led to the ultimate revolution of Shat-R-Shield. We began acclimating ourselves to LEDs by concentrating on what we knew best: safety coatings. In 2011, that ideology spawned the business division of a conformal coating service where we selectively apply a layer of silicone to PCB and LED boards that protects fragile components from moisture and corrosion in harsh environments. Shat-R-Shield holds the patent for effectively coating over an LED chip with no consequence against its light output.

By 2014, the benefits of converting to LED lamps were countless for consumers, until these electronics were exposed to moisture. That’s when Shat-R-Shield unveiled a line of safety coated, IP68-rated LED lamps that offered a benefit that others didn’t: protection against the elements. These waterproof LED lamps could be installed outdoors for landscape lighting, wash-down areas, dock lighting or anywhere exposed to harsh environments.

The successes of our initial enterprises with LED technology laid the groundwork that gave way to intensive research and development, corporate restructuring, investments in facility upgrades and a realignment of strategy that now positions Shat-R-Shield as a viable player in the realm of LED fixture manufacturers. What began with a simple offering of commodity products has now transitioned to comprehensive engineering of award-winning luminaires. From the highly efficient LED high bay to the unique line of corrosion-resistant Incoplas LED fixtures designed with thermally conductive engineered polymers, Shat-R-Shield is captivating the attention of end users worldwide.

It’s now 2016 and Shat-R-Shield continues to flourish under the same principle that was defined during its inception: Shat-R-Shield will provide specialized lighting products to our core markets of food and beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and their related industries. While we certainly embrace the transformation of our products, it is the foundation of our organization — our quality, customer service and core values — that will never waiver.

Shat-R-Shield: The same great company we’ve always been… but better.


Shat-R-Shield will provide specialized lighting products to our core markets: food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and their related industries. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction by providing the highest quality protective lighting products backed by customer service that exceeds expectations.


We’re Original.  Shat-R-Shield pioneered the protective lighting industry when we created the safety-coated fluorescent lamp. We were the first to make a UV-blocking, shatter-resistant CFL. We are patented for being the only conformal coating service that can go over an LED module. We manufactured the first ever thermal plastic LED fixture. Shat-R-Shield innovates.

Guaranteed. Period.  We believe in our products; so should you. Our products come with the best warranty in the industry and it is our goal to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, always.

We Solve Lighting Problems.  We thrive on finding solutions for your lighting issues. Can’t find the lamp you are looking for? We’ll find it, coat it and ship it to you. Moisture problems? Corrosion problems? Glass problems? Let us know; we gladly accept the challenge.

So… How can we help you?


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